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The best paleo recipes ebook - primal palate keylogger pro

The Best Paleo Recipes Ebook - Primal Palate

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with 150 of the most delicious, mouth-watering recipes from 25 of the top cooks in the paleo community – that’s exactly what you’ll find in Best of 2014 Paleo Recipes eBook.

Very simply, we asked 25 of your favorite authors and bloggers from the paleo community to “Give us your very best recipes”

our community’s most respected professionals pull out all the stops to create the ultimate resource: a can’t-live-without-it collection of the best recipes of 2014.

To sweeten the deal even more, each of the star authors has created never-before-seen new recipes, exclusively available here in this eBook !

One of our favorite parts of being Paleo (aside from the amazing health benefits) is the strong sense of community! We are continually amazed by the work of our colleagues and friends in the Paleo world, so much so that we hatched the idea for this eBook.

We wanted to pull together some of the best names in the business to create one incredible collection of recipes. The spirit and sense of the Paleo community has never been stronger, and this unprecedented eBook collaboration is proof !

This eBook is JAM PACKED with nearly 400 PAGES of gorgeous, mouth-watering recipes. It sounds cliché, but every single...

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