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Parental keylogger software keylogger pro

Parental Keylogger Software

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Our Keylogger Software is a Top Featured Computer Monitoring Software to provide you with the ability to monitor all your computer activites, including websites visited, keyboard keystrokes, programs used, and many more features. Included in our Keylogger Software is the ability to monitor in Invisible Stealth Mode. This Stealth Mode ability will secretly monitor the activites and able to send you the logs to your email address, SECRETLY! Purchase Keylogger Software and get your Registration Instantly

Keylogger Software will secretly record every keystroke typed on a keyboard in a specific application.

Keylogger Software will record Websites Visited. It will Monitor and Track the sites which were visited and be able to identify when/where the site was accessed.

One of the most important features TODAY is the ability to track the users Social Network activities, like Facebook/Myspace/etc...

Keylogger Software will keep a detailed log of every application that is launched on your computer and tell you when it was launched.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." That's why this functionality is very important, because it provides visual recordings of the activity.

Once you configure the application to send you reports with the recorded information you are able to read the logs and see everything that happened on your computer.

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